Tappan Chairs is in the midst of a revival in the town of Sandwich, New Hampshire, and the new owner, Adam Nudd-Homeyer, successfully raised seed funding online through the crowd-funding tool Kickstarter.com for new equipment and marketing. Founded in 1819, by Abraham Tappan, the company produces ladder-back chairs with hand-woven seats using some of the many pieces of original equipment that date back to the 19th century. In a time when many of our traditional furniture industry players have departed, Adam’s campaign is inspiring. Turns out, I' m not the only one who thinks so either...

The project got a huge boost when it was featured as a Kickstarter staff pick and prominently featured on their home page, boosting page views and donors. The campaign wrapped up Feb. 4th with Adam overachieving his goal by 25% for a total of $27,500 raised.

Back in 2010, I met with the previous owner, Gunnar Berg, who was not willing to let the history of the company die by scrapping the machinery or selling it off for parts. Through mutual small-town connections, Mr. Berg came upon Adam and was able to help him move the shop across town to Adam’s carriage house and blacksmith shop. Adam told me that there are many homes in the Lakes Region with a Tappan chair, but to make a real go of it as a business that will support him and his family, his goal now is to reach a much larger audience by selling new and classic Tappan Chair designs direct to customers through its website. The site he intends to build will offer customers the ability to customize their orders by choosing the species, styles, seating options, and other features. An engineer by training well versed in Lean and Six Sigma, Adam will also seek to streamline the production while staying true to some of the original equipment and centuries-old processes.

History buffs, woodworkers, and furniture enthusiasts alike will surely want to check out his Kickstarter campaign here: http://tinyurl.com/jwettzv or watch this short video.

Way to go Adam!!