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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 21, 2017

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Town of North Hudson Installs a Wood Pellet Boiler in Town Highway Garage – Just in Time for Christmas

Funding Helped Make the Project a “No-Brainer” for the Town

NORTH HUDSON, NY – Santa Claus may typically enter through a chimney, but for the Town of North Hudson, this year he is installing the chimney – and the new wood pellet boiler – just in time for Christmas.

The new boiler is a fully automated, self-feeding, high-efficiency wood pellet boiler that will provide whole-building heat via the hot water distribution system in the concrete slab of the Town Highway Garage. The new boiler replaces an outdoor cordwood wood boiler that was no longer operational. It will allow the town to minimize the money they spend on oil to heat the building.

“We are very excited to be installing an automated wood pellet boiler,” said Town Supervisor Ron Moore. “We looked at other alternatives, but we decided that this is the best option for us. We get to use wood for heat and we will support jobs and the forest products industry through that decision, without requiring our Town staff to spend time managing a cordwood boiler.”

“With the funding support that was available to us, this decision is a real no-brainer for our town,” said Moore. “But this will be a gift that keeps on giving – to our town, its taxpayers, its staff, and the regional economy.”


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[Northeast Kingdom] A community development non-profit is providing $2,500 incentives to 25 Northeast Kingdom homeowners for an innovative pellet stove package that includes a new or refurbished pellet stove, bulk storage bin that allows for bulk-delivered wood pellets, and two tons of Vermont-made wood pellets.

The Northern Forest Center has partnered with Bourne’s Energy to develop this program, which aims to drive demand for Vermont-made wood pellets and increase the volume of bulk pellet delivery. Heating with local wood pellets strengthens the local economy, promotes sustainable forest use, and helps transition people away from reliance on fossil fuels.

The package being offered consists of an efficient Hearthstone pellet stove, convenient 2.4 ton bulk storage bin, and two tons of free wood pellets. The pellets are delivered from a specially designed truck right to the bin – just like oil or propane – and homeowners can pour as many pellets as they wish from a spigot into a bucket to feed their pellet stove. This makes heating with pellets easier and more convenient than dealing with 40-pound bags, and eliminates all the plastic!

The Northern Forest Center program cuts the cost of this package by almost 50%. Total costs after the incentive is $2,550 for a new stove or $2,050 for a refurbished stove. Only 25 packages are available, and homeowners must reserve them by November 1.

CONCORD, NH:  Results of a new life-cycle analysis show that heating with wood pellets instead of fossil fuels in the Northern Forest can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than half. Specifically, the analysis shows that using wood pellets immediately reduces greenhouse gas by 54 percent versus oil and 50 percent versus natural gas.

The life-cycle analysis further shows that after 50 years, heating with wood pellets produces 62 percent less greenhouse gas than oil, 67 percent less than natural gas and 56 percent less than propane.

“Now we can say unequivocally that heating with high-efficiency wood pellet boilers in the Northern Forest reduces greenhouse gas and helps us fight climate change,” said Rob Riley, president of the Northern Forest Center. “When we use local, renewable wood pellets to heat, we’re reducing greenhouse gases emissions and supporting our region’s forest economy.”

The results come from a study by SIG-NAL (the Spatial Informatics Group—Natural Assets Laboratory) commissioned by the Northern Forest Center.

Information sessions June 8 in Saranac and June 9 in Saranac Lake

SARANAC LAKE – The Northern Forest Center will host information sessions June 8 and 9 to explain how homeowners and businesses can apply for subsidies to help pay for purchase and installation of high-efficiency wood pellet boilers to replace oil or propane heat.