News Releases

Replacing oil or propane heating systems with high-efficiency, low-emission wood pellet heating systems will help keep money in local economy

SARANAC LAKE – Financial and technical assistance that has helped homeowners and businesses in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont successfully switch to high-efficiency wood pellet heating is now available to Adirondack homeowners and businesses through the Adirondack Model Neighborhood Wood Heat Initiative.

Portland, Maine—Just in time for people planning spring and summer vacations, a suite of multi- media coverage is showing off some of what the Maine Woods has to offer. Yankee magazine and the Maine Office of Tourism are both featuring extensive coverage of the 150th Anniversary Thoreau-Wabanaki Tour that explored 250 miles of Maine lakes and rivers in May 2014.

The Town of Saranac has installed a high-efficiency, low-emissions, automated wood pellet boiler to heat the Town Hall, which is expected to save over $1,000 per year on heating costs while supporting the region’s working forest economy. The Maine Energy Systems AutoPellet boiler was paid for in part with funds from the Northern Forest Center, a non-profit organization working across the 4-state Northern Forest region of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine to help communities benefit from healthy working forests.

Project supports local economy and forest-based jobs

FARMINGTON – Leaders of the Old South Congregational Church in Farmington, Maine, expect to save about $8,000 a year now that that the building has been converted from conventional oil burners to a high-efficiency wood pellet boilers to heat the 13,000-square foot church.