Otisfield, ME —252 acres in process

The 252-acre Twin Bridges parcel in Otisfield Maine is part of a significant conservation project in the Crooked River watershed to protect water supply and quality. This watershed provides 39% of the surface flow of water into Sebago Lake, which itself provides water to 200,000 people in the greater Portland area. The lake is also an important spawning ground for the area’s landlocked Atlantic Salmon population.

The Twin Bridges parcel abuts the Crooked River and has long been an important recreational parcel for the people of Otisfield for river access for fishing and kayaking, and also for walking. Residents of Otisfield overwhelmingly support the project, particularly for its recreational access. The parcel will be managed as a working forest, contributing to the local forest industry as well. The Western Foothills Land Trust is working to raise funds for the purchase and protection of the Twin Bridges property. 

The Center aided this Community Forest effort by informing the community about the benefits of Community Forests and the principles of the Community Forest model. We also provided examples of governance options in use by other Community Forests.