In Lancaster, NH, a 3,500-person town on the Connecticut River in northern New Hampshire, we’ve been working with an advisory group to identify projects where Center staff and expertise can add to local resources to deliver results. Since 2018, the Center has:

Parker J Noyes NHPA web

  • Purchased the historic Parker J. Noyes building to redevelop as new commercial space for the Root Seller Marketplace, as well as modern apartments on the upper floors.
  • Supported destination development by publishing a brochure, in partnership with Northern Gateway Chamber of Commerce, that highlights Lancaster's easy access to great hiking.
  • Promoted local recreation: Created a new brochure to promote Lancaster’s easy access to hiking, swimming, biking, fishing and other outdoor activities for visitors and local audiences. Welcome to Lancaster is a free brochure and map that highlights a dozen easy-access opportunities for outdoor fun. The Northern Gateway Hiking Challenge lays out six Lancaster-area hikes and the Hiking Challenge created by the Northern Gateway Chamber of Commerce (map will be available online soon).
  • Invested in local energy savings: Helped create and secure funding for a new community energy program to conduct energy audits and offer home improvement support. Advanced Automated Wood Heat: Secured funding to help install a commercial wood-pellet boiler to heat the local movie theater.
  • Invested in business development: Provided in-person training for local business owners to help them improve their internet marketing presence, and produced a video to extend the training to others.
  • Provided coordinated technical assistance: We are currently helping develop a plan for improvements to public infrastructure, supporting stronger business coordination and communication, and creating partnerships with non-profits to advance other priority projects in the community.

Adding our organizational skills to Lancaster’s own, sharing ideas, and leveraging new resources into the community have secured clear benefits that help make the town more vibrant and more attractive to potential new residents.