As you well know modern wood heat presents an extraordinary opportunity for Northern New England and New York. Local heat keeps money in local communities, creates jobs in forestry and manufacturing, cuts heating bills, helps keep forests as forests, decreases carbon dioxide emissions over time, and more.

What you may not know is that the Center’s work is about more than just putting boilers in basements in demonstration projects: it’s really about transforming the region’s energy economy. This vision keeps us going when obstacles arise, and it’s why we’re so intent on helping build a sustainable market for modern wood heating systems.

To fully realize market transformation, WE NEED YOUR HELP spreading the word about modern wood heat, dispelling myths, advocating for supportive public policies, and contributing to our programs.

  • Speak up: We know that word of mouth is by far the most successful way to spur the modern wood heat market. If everyone reading this showed their own pellet boiler to three friends – or just told three others about this heating option, and that there’s generous financial incentives available for them in each Northern Forest state – it would be a terrific boost on its own. Also, consider writing a letter to your local newspaper describing your experience - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you’d like help!
  • Educate: There’s plenty of misinformation about pellets and modern wood heat, from the “pellet shortage” misconception to the idea that wood heat is smoky and inconvenient. Learn and share the facts to help public policies and individual decisions alike reflect accurate information about modern wood heating systems. Check out our FAQs as a starting point.
  • Advocate: Public policies and incentive programs are critical for developing a robust market, and they’re frequently under threat. State legislative sessions are wrapping up and modern wood heat programs are more or less safe, thanks to tireless advocates. Thanks to all those in New Hampshire, in particular, who contacted their legislators about protecting the dedicated Renewable Energy Fund! Consider contacting your U.S. representative or senator today about the Biomass Thermal Utilization (BTU) Act, which would provide tax credits for modern wood heat equivalent to those offered for other renewable energy technologies. Learn more here and make a quick phone call today.
  • Contribute: The Center is a non-profit organization and we rely on generous donors, foundations, and government agencies for all our programming. A simple and direct way for you to support the modern wood heat transformation is to make a donation of your own.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. speaking up, educating, advocating, or contributing and we’ll not only put it on our Facebook page, we’ll also enter you into a raffle for a jug of Northern Forest maple syrup!