Ways of the Woods Exhibit For Sale 

Ways of the Woods: People and the Land in the Northern Forest is the Center’s mobile forest heritage museum. The exhibition combines multi-media displays with educational kiosks, artifacts and children’s activities to help people explore the ever-changing relationships between people and land across the Northern Forest.

Ways of the Woods reached more than 130,000 people, including 6,000 school children, in 85 communities during a four-year tour of the Northern Forest. That’s the equivalent of 1 out of every 15 Northern Forest residents!

We are no longer touring Ways of the Woods, and we are now selling the 53-foot trailer. Designed by Kentucky Trailer and filled with great features this exhibit would be a great addition to a school, nonprofit, or business. 

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Exhibit Description

Ways of the Woods combines traditional exhibits on Northern Forest history which are set up outside the trailer with an interior space that has been transformed from a 53-foot truck trailer into a museum- quality exhibit. Floor-to-ceiling photographs, displays and interactive pieces engage visitors.

  • nfc-rings-of-time

    Rings of Time

    A multimedia display that projects images and film onto a giant cross-section of a white pine.

  • nfc-video-image


    Videos delve into the lives of local people, the economy and environment of the Northern Forest

  • nfc-boy-mother


    Kiosks outside the exhibit explore themes in Northern Forest history. Some are tailored for elementary school-aged children providing hands-on fun.

  • nfc-display


    Exhibit cases display hand-crafted forest products, non-timber forest products, and information about invasive pests.


  • way of the woods program testimonials

    “Thanks for helping me better appreciate a place I've lived for 40 years!“

  • way of the woods program testimonials

    “Great exhibit. I enjoyed seeing people making a living from natural resources while respecting it for its beauty.”

  • way of the woods program testimonials

    “One of a kind. Never saw anything like this before. Love the displays, the trip through time. Very well put together! Love the local stuff.”

  • way of the woods program testimonials

    “The best part of my day! Do people realize what they have and could lose?!”

  • way of the woods program testimonials

    “An incredible resource in teaching about the North Wood… A mobile museum to teach, to motivate, to inspire. Bravo.”

  • way of the woods program testimonials

    “Wonderful, wonderful! Loved the tree ring projector, interview, smells, and things made by kids. Come to my town please!”

  • way of the woods program testimonials

    “Great exhibit. Kids nowadays need to know the history of this area so they can be part of planning the future.”