• Fall 2014 / Special Issue

    Innovation vol 7 fall 2013

    This special issue reports on some new projects and announces an upcoming staff change

  • Fall 2014

    Innovation vol 6 Fall 2014

    Summer might be over, but things are just heating up for an exciting Fall of activities.

  • Spring 2014

    Innovation vol 5 Spring 2014

    This edition celebrates the rejuvenation of several companies in our region's wood products industry

  • Fall 2013

    Innovations vol 4 fall 2013

    Meet Carol Chang, the new Product Development Manager at Weatherend Estate Furniture in Rockland, Maine.

  • Summer 2013

    Innovation vol 3 summer 2013

    Announcing two new Consortium initiatives and impressive results of several projects in the region's wood products industry

  • Winter 2013

    Innovation vol 2 Winter 2013

    Helping you navigate the challenges and provide resources to catalyze innovation in your companies.

  • Fall 2012

    Innovations vol 1 fall 2012

    Implementing innovations through Sustainable Forest Futures' Innovation Service Provider funding