We've compiled links to useful websites, publications tools and information to complement Selling Forest Carbon: A Practical Guide to developing forest carbon offsets for Northeast forest owners.

Informational web sites

  • Forest Carbon Portal: Produces periodic briefs and an annual State of Forest Carbon Markets report, which tracks, reports, and analyzes trends in global transactions of emissions reductions.
  • Ecosystem Marketplace: Provides news, data, and analytics on markets and payments for ecosystem services (e.g., water quality, carbon sequestration, biodiversity).



Forest Carbon Offset Standards

  • American Carbon Registry: A private, voluntary greenhouse gas registry for projects that meet ACR’s standards.
  • California Air Resources Board: Administers a compliance offset program to help regulated entities comply with California’s cap and trade program (AB 32).
  • Climate Action Reserve: Serves as an offset registry for the North American carbon market for projects that meet CAR’s standards.
  • Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative: The U.S.’s first market-based emission reduction program covering nine northeastern states.
  • Verified Carbon Standard: A greenhouse gas accounting program for projects worldwide to verify and issue credits in the voluntary market.


  • Climate Trust: The Trust finances U.S. forestry projects that have the potential to increase carbon sequestration working with land trusts, private owners and timber management companies, using CAR’s Forest Project Protocol and the California Compliance Offset Protocol
  • Blue Source: Provides project development, financing, and marketing services. Eligible projects include forest carbon management, reforestation, and avoided deforestation.
  • Finite Carbon: Provides a full range of services to landowners, from project development (including feasibility evaluations) to offset sales.
  • L&C Carbon: Provides project development and financing; focused on U.S. based projects that meet eligibility requirements of the California Air Resources Board U.S. Forest Compliance Offset Protocol.
  • New Forests: manages Forest Carbon Partners, an investment vehicle for forest carbon offset projects. Forest Carbon Partners offers forest carbon offset project finance and development services to private forest landowners nationwide. The fund manages all aspects of project evaluation, development, registration, and credit sales.
  • Spatial Informatics Group: Provides numerous forest and carbon services, including evaluating different forest management scenarios to help clients determine which projects are likely to yield high-quality, legitimate carbon offsets.