The Center seeks to create knowledge and understanding about the Northern Forest. Working across for states, we have developed a knowledge base about the region and our specific program areas that we are pleased to share. If you want to know when new resources become available, be sure to sign up for the Northern Forest News Digest.

Annual Reports

The Northern Forest Center is a regional innovation and investment partner creating rural vibrancy by connecting people and economy to the forested landscape. Our annual reports summarize the impact of our efforts to support community revitalization and destination development, catalyze a modern wood heat economy, bring innovation to the wood products industry, create Community Forests and more.


 Northern Forest Center 2020 Annual Report cover Annual Report 2020: Live the New Forest Future 


Center 2019 Annual Report cover web




   Annual Report 2019


2017 Annual Report cover sm web   Annual Report 2017

FY16 cover Page 01   Annual Report 2016

2015 Annual Report cover sm  Annual Report 2015

nfc resources annual report 14 cover  Annual Report 2014

Resources Annual Report FY 13  Annual Report 2013

nfc resources annual report 12 cover  Annual Report 2012

Northern Forest Center FY2011 Annual Report cover  Annual Report 2011

nfc resources annual report 10 cover  Annual Report 2010


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Additional Maps

Northern Border Regional Commission Demographic Maps from 2016, produced by the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy.

Education ThumbnailEducational Attainment

Income ThumbnailHousehold Income

Population ThumbnailPopulation

Population Trends ThumbnailPopulation Trends

poverty thumbnailPoverty

University of New Hampshire GRANIT, in partnership with the UNH Carsey Institute, produced regional maps to inform the Sustainable Economy Initiative’s work.

see the pdfPhysical Map of the Northern Forest Region

see the pdfTransportation Infrastructure

see the pdfCultural Amenities

see the pdfRecreational Amenities

see the pdfConservation Lands

see the pdfPost Secondary Education Locations

see the pdfLand Cover Map

Modern Wood Heat


Wood Products

Lean Manufacturing

Mass Customization

Company Culture & Organizational Development

Other Resources

Community Forests

Community Forests Resources

nfc resources 13 Mile coverEconomic Impacts of the 13 Mile Woods Community Forest

nfc resources comm invest coverA Community Investment Strategy

nfc resources needs coverNeeds & Resources for Creating & Managing Community Forests

See the LinkThe Status of Community-Based Forestry in the United States


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Regional Strategy

See the LinkRegional Data & Resources

The Center, often working with partners, has compiled data and analysis of economic trends and public policy as part of several projects. Links to those resources are gathered here.

nfc resources biomass coverAn Overview of Biomass Thermal Energy Policy Opportunities in the Northern Forest Region

nfc resources sei report coverSustainable Economy Initiative full report

nfc resources sei summary coverSustainable Economy Initiative

See the LinkNorthern Forest Lands Council 10th Anniversary Forum

See the LinkRegional Economy Research

nfc resources wealth index coverNorthern Forest Wealth Index: Exploring a Deeper Meaning of Wealth

The Northern Forest Wealth Index represents an effort to identify and assess the core assets and values important to the Northern Forest’s overall wealth/well-being. It builds on the region’s emerging identity by looking beyond debates and exploring a deeper meaning of regional wealth—one which considers the well-being of the Northern Forest’s communities, its culture, economy, educational systems and environment.

The Wealth Index presents a snapshot of the Northern Forest as a place defined by shared community, cultural, economic, educational and environmental assets. Indicators, which come from a wide variety of state and national sources, are based on county level data related to 27 Northern Forest counties.

Carbon & Water Resources

nfc resources forest carbon coverSelling Carbon

We've compiled links to useful websites, publications, tools and information to complement Selling Forest Carbon: A Practical Guide to developing forest carbon offsets for Northeast forest owners. Forest Carbon Resources

Other Publications

Resources HandMade cover

HandMade in the Northern Forest: A guide to fine art and craft traditions in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York

HandMade in the Northern Forest lists 365 artisans and craftspeople, galleries, craft marketplaces, special attractions, restaurants and historic inns, organized into 13 driving tours across the Northern Forest. Each chapter includes a cultural heritage profile, sidebar articles, locator maps and interesting “tidbits” about locations along the way to highlight the region’s heritage and sense of place. Published in 2006.

nfc resources at home cover

At Home in the Northern Forest

At Home in the Northern Forest explores the sense of place in the Northern Forest through interviews with residents from varied backgrounds, ideologies and professions. At Home features stories, quotes and striking photographs that describe life in the rural communities of the Northern Forest, from Maine through New Hampshire and Vermont to New York.

Author Laura Tam spoke with foresters, economic development professionals, inn managers, wildlife biologists, loggers, shopkeepers, teachers and many others to discover how they are connected to the people, landscape and heritage of the 30-million acre region known as the Northern Forest. Published in 2001.

Sample pages: Introduction [180 KB] Chapter 1: People [244 KB] Chapter 2: The Land [184 KB] Chapter 3: Culture & Identity [196 KB]

nfc resources whats name cover

What’s In a Name

What’s in a Name traces place names, and the stories behind them, to understand human connections with the Northern Forest landscape and how they changed over time. By conducting research into the written record and drawing on the experience of long-time local residents, elementary and high school students uncovered and recorded the stories behind scores of place names in the Baskahegan region of eastern Maine. Published in 2000.

Sample pages: What's In a Name: Natives [164 KB] What's In a Name: Settlers [148 KB] What's In a Name: Loggers [188 KB]

Wood Ways Film

The Center collaborated with the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts to produce the video Wood Ways: Conserving Culture and Nature in the Northern Forest. The 30-minute video profiles traditional crafters and the work they do.