6,850 Jobs  —  256,540 Acres  —  $218 Million Invested

Since 2005, the Center’s programs have:

  • Benefited businesses that provide 6,850 jobs by providing skills training and financial support.
  • Helped conserve 256,540 acres of forestland for community benefit.
  • Helped to secure and leverage more than $218 million for projects that benefit the region’s communities, the economy and forest stewardship.

The Center's programs deliver results on three levels:

  • 30,000 Feet: We provide leadership and regional strategy for the 4-state Northern Forest.
  • 10,000 Feet: We coordinate programs and partners to increase resources and deliver maximum local impact.
  • On the Ground: We help communities benefit from their forest resources and conserve them for the future.

How We Work

  • Locally: We help forest-based businesses and communities create jobs and retain wealth locally.
  • Collaboratively: We support collaborative networks and engage in a wide-range of state and regional forums to build the region’s capacity and deliver programs.
  • Regionally: We share knowledge and opportunities gleaned through engagement across multiple programs in 4 states to benefit the region as a whole.

We have helped build regional capacity by coordinating federal public policy strategy, building collaborative networks and securing millions of dollars of investment for the region. We leveraged those investments by partnering with other organizations and directly funding locally grounded projects that deliver tangible benefits to people and communities. The Center’s accomplishments include:

nfc testimonials Jackie Tuxill

"One of the things about the Center that is very compelling to me is that it is on the cutting edge of collaborative conservation techniques that have great promise for the future."

—Jackie Tuxill, Conservation Consultant

Center programs at work

Automated Wood Heat

  • Installed 165 high-efficiency wood pellet boilers through our Model Neighborhood Wood Heating Initiatives in 4 states.
  • Assisted 24 communities with wood heat conversion projects.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas by 5,267 tons compared to using fossil fuels.
  • Generated $4.5 million in economic impact through automated wood heat.

Wood Products Innovation

Community Forests


Tax Credit Financing

  • Facilitated 6 New Markets Tax Credit financings to advance conservation, community, and economic goals on 315,000 acres of working forestland.
  • Facilitated financing for major investment in Piscataquis County that enabled the AMC to rebuild Medawisla Lodge & Cabins, build new trails, improve local fisheries and more.
  • Launched the Tourism Investment Program as an outcome of the Piscataquis County investment.
  • Provided critical support to the Millinocket Memorial Library renovation project by facilitating $550,000 in funding through New Market Tax Credits for the project.

Regional Strategy

Regional Identity

  • Showcased the region’s history and culture to 130,000 people through the traveling Ways of the Woods museum.
  • Published At Home in the Northern Forest: Reflections on a Region’s Identity to explore people’s sense of place in the Northern Forest.