With the launch of the Model Neighborhood Wood Heat Initiative last week in the Adirondacks, the program is underway in every Northern Forest state. The Model Neighborhood Wood Heat Initiative is helping to build demand for local wood heat to replace oil and propane.

By early March, more than 100 wood pellet boilers installed through our program across the region in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine had helped homeowners and others save almost $180,000 on fuel, avoided savings, had avoided 1040 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, and generated more than $680,000 of total positive impact on the local economy.

The Model Neighborhood Wood Heat Initiative provides financial incentives for wood pellet boiler installations to homeowners, municipal and non-residential buildings. Incentives vary by state; please check availability.

Through community-based clusters of high-efficiency, low-emission wood pellet boiler installations, the project is designed to show that clean-burning wood pellet heating systems can completely replace oil and propane boilers. The project demonstrates the reliability and cost savings of bulk-fed, high- efficiency pellet boilers in homes and non-residential buildings.

Learn more about our Model Neighborhood Wood Heat Initiative.

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