adjusting thermastatModern wood heating installations in homes are now eligible for the same federal tax credit that has been available to other renewable energy systems for years. 

Homeowners can receive up to a 26% federal tax credit on residential installations of high-efficiency wood heating systems such as pellet stoves and whole-home pellet boilers. When combined with state rebates and incentives like those offered by Efficiency Maine, NH Public Utilities Commission, Vermont, and Renewable Heat NY, consumers can now switch to renewable, efficient wood heat for the same amount of money that a new oil boiler or furnace would cost. 

Campaign aims to increase use of renewable wood fuel, some of which is delivered in bulk by delivery truck.The regional wood heat marketing consortium has chosen marketing firm Matter to expand the scope of the Feel Good Heat campaign. The campaign will invest $400,000 in a 2-year effort to build public support for a broad range of wood heating options and increase use of Northern Forest wood pellets and chips in lieu of imported fossil fuels.  

Berlin MNPThe Center’s “Model Neighborhood Project” launched in Berlin, N.H., in 2011 with the expectation that putting lots of wood pellet boilers in a single community would create a buzz about the technology and demonstrate that it works well. "We wanted to make the pellet delivery truck a common sight in town and catalyze broader interest in this modern way to heat with wood," said Program Director Maura Adams.

Eight years later, the Center has provided funding or other assistance to 165 projects in communities across the Northern Forest — 114 homes and 51 small commercial buildings, from schools and town garages to a museum and movie theater —and the Model Neighborhoods are spreading the word.

Wood Pellet Bins for StovesThis fall, more than 20 families in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont will be heating with new pellet stoves – with a twist. Instead of buying pellets in typical 40-pound bags, as most people need to do, they will have their pellets delivered from a bulk truck into a 3-ton storage bin. When they need pellets, they can simply fill a bucket directly from the bin and carry it to their stove.

The Northern Forest Center provided incentives for the stoves and bulk pellet bins to get more people in the Northeast Kingdom heating with local pellets and to demonstrate that bulk storage can work for pellet stove owners, not just for people who heat with automated wood pellet boilers (like those featured at