This winter the Center hired Tim Volk, a marketing professional with years of experience working on energy issues, to draft a marketing plan for speeding up adoption of what we call “modern wood heat.” Those quotation marks are part of the problem. The manufacturers, state agencies, nonprofits, and others who are encouraging people to switch to wood pellet boilers and other high-efficiency wood heating systems each have their own favored names for what we’re advocating: “modern wood heat,” “advanced wood heat,” and “whole-home wood heating systems,” to name just a few. How can you market something effectively if you don’t even agree on what to call it?

Our market survey has helped us understand who is currently switching to modern wood heat, and why, and has also pointed out who future adopters might be. What’s more important than the name are the values that are driving people: a passion for supporting local, concern for the environment, and wanting to feel good about how we heat our homes and businesses.

The Center looks forward to working with all of our partners to hone the message about local, renewable wood heat so that we can help people understand why it’s such a positive heating choice in the Northeast: good for the local economy, good for the environment, clean and renewable.