Homes, town halls, town highway garages and non-profit owned buildings in the Northern Adirondacks are increasingly being heated with automated wood pellet boilers, thanks in part to incentives and technical support from the Northern Forest Center.Pellergy NY installation

New York is the fourth state in the region to apply the Model Neighborhood approach to increasing the use of automated wood heat, and the program is driving a gradual but steady uptick in its use. The beneficiaries—homeowners, towns, and nonprofits in Clinton, Essex and Franklin Counties—are excited to make the switch and realize the benefits of automated wood heating.

"In the Town of Bellmont, we like to be frugal with our spending, but we also like to keep it local," said Supervisor Bruce Russell. "Installing a wood pellet boiler was an excellent way to meet our goals and provide heat to our Town Hall. I'm very pleased with our decision."

“One of our goals at the North Country School is to try to be more energy independent," said Facilities Manager John Culpepper. "Support from the Northern Forest Center has helped us work towards this goal, by replacing one of our campus’ oil-burning boilers with a wood pellet boiler.”

In North Hudson, Town Supervisor Ron Moore said they were very excited to be installing an automated wood pellet boiler. "We looked at other alternatives, but we decided that this is the best option for us," he said. "We get to use wood for heat and we will support jobs and the forest products industry through that decision, without requiring our Town staff to spend time managing a cordwood boiler.”

With more than half a dozen Center-supported installations complete, and several others coming soon, it is becoming easier for residents of Northern New York to see automated wood heat installations in use. Meanwhile, bulk pellet delivery routes are serving customers throughout the region, and dollars spent on wood pellets are circulating in the region’s economy, supporting local jobs and businesses.