Wood Pellet Bins for StovesThis fall, more than 20 families in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont will be heating with new pellet stoves – with a twist. Instead of buying pellets in typical 40-pound bags, as most people need to do, they will have their pellets delivered from a bulk truck into a 3-ton storage bin. When they need pellets, they can simply fill a bucket directly from the bin and carry it to their stove.

The Northern Forest Center provided incentives for the stoves and bulk pellet bins to get more people in the Northeast Kingdom heating with local pellets and to demonstrate that bulk storage can work for pellet stove owners, not just for people who heat with automated wood pellet boilers (like those featured at www.feelgoodheat.org).

Bulk storage is a great alternative for stove owners for a few reasons. Users won’t have to dispose of hundreds of plastic bags, the pellets are conveniently delivered and well-protected, and you can make the bucket as light or heavy as you want – not everyone can haul and handle a 40-pound bag.

Also, bulk pellet delivery companies will become stronger financially if they can reach more pellet stove owners. If they succeed it’s good for local pellet manufacturing – which in turn is good for our communities and forests!

The Center was pleased to partner with Bourne’s Energy, a family business based in Morrisville, VT, on this project. Funding for the pellet stove and bin incentives came from VLITE.

If you own a pellet stove and are interested in bulk pellet storage, we suggest contacting one or more of the pellet delivery companies listed on Feel Good Heat experts page to see if they have a solution for you.