getNEK logoAttracting visitors and new residents is a continual challenge for rural regions like the NEK. Locals know the Kingdom as a vibrant and fun place, but visitors are often not aware of the wide range of amenities that make it destination-worthy. The getNEKedVT campaign is designed to introduce people to the region by creating social media buzz and driving visitation of NEK businesses and events through fun and engaging social media, self-guided tours, prizes and more.

"We'd like to welcome visitors through a light-hearted approach to the spirit of what they'll find here, and we hope they'll explore and stay," said Anna Rubin, director of external relations with the Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium.

The campaign brings the fun with its name — getNEKedVT — and a striking cow-king-moose logo. It offers a series of self-guided [NEKed] tours and challenges to get people engaged with the many unique regional destination experiences available to visitors. These tours include culture and arts, music, craft breweries, and athletic events. Each tour uses offers prizes like getNEKed t-shirts and sticker packs to people who complete them and document their travels in on social media. If this sounds like fun, you can begin planning your own NEK tour here

Mountain bike areas spanning 2 countries, 3 states and 7 locations have joined together as The Borderlands to promote the Northeast’s most exciting and diverse mountain biking terrain. IMG 0427They offer with eye-popping scenery and laid-back host communities that offer plenty of craft breweries, farm stands, good food and local flavor.

The seven mountain bike organizations in and around northern New Hampshire are committed to creating and promoting high-quality riding experiences for both residents and visitors.

SB 234 1
The New Hampshire legislature is considering a bill that would support continued growth in the state’s outdoor recreation industry, which currently generates $8.7 billion in annual consumer spending, secures more than $528 million in state and local tax revenue, and supports 79,000 local jobs. 
Monkman VTNFS D30165Like many parts of the Northern Forest, Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom (NEK) depends on tourism for a significant part of its economy. The region has a lot to offer those who find it: premier multi-use outdoor recreation options, delicious local food (and beer!) and charming inns. Yet standing out in a crowded Northeast tourism market is a challenge, one that requires expertise and digital marketing savvy that is often beyond what individual communities and businesses can muster on their own.