U.S. Representatives Mike Michaud (ME) and Peter Welch VT) have introduced the Biomass Thermal Utilization (BTU) Act, a bill to spur the adoption of sustainably-harvested woody biomass as a heating fuel. This bill is a House companion to a similar bill introduced in the Senate by Senators Angus King and Susan Collins (ME) with co- sponsorship from Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (NH). Current law leaves biomass out of energy tax credits that other renewable sources like solar and geothermal receive. The BTU Act will help level the playing field for biomass by:

1. Including biomass in the thirty percent renewable energy tax credit for residential installations of high efficiency biomass heating technology. Other renewable sources are already eligible for this incentive.

2. Creating a fifteen to thirty percent tiered renewable energy tax credit for commercial or industrial installations of biomass heating technology, where businesses owners receive a higher credit for a more efficient system.

H.R. 2715 now awaits a hearing by the House Ways and Means Committee.