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Close to 100 mountain bikers from across New England descended on Franconia and Littleton, NH, May 18-19 for the first in a series of events highlighting the trails and communities that make up The Borderlands, a collaborative effort to use mountain biking as a tool for economic and community development at seven Northern Forest locations.

The mountain bikers enjoyed group rides, refreshments, music, and – for some – their first taste of North Country hospitality. 

ME West Library Update 2The digital inequity gap continues to widen in rural towns due to a lack of accessible and affordable broadband connections. Libraries are the place many people turn to when they are unable to afford a computer or can’t get reliable internet access. Individuals from low- to moderate-income families are less likely to have access to a broad suite of technologies, and libraries can play a key role in closing this gap.

100 KatahdinThe Northern Forest Center has successfully reached its initial goal of raising $1 million in investments for its Millinocket Housing Initiative Fund and has put the money to work directly in the community. The Center created the Millinocket Housing Initiative Fund, its first social and economic impact investment fund, to create quality homes for people who want to make a future in Millinocket.

Yale ME W A team of Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies students will help the Maine West initiative integrate the region’s community, economic, health, and educational values into a newly developed regional conservation planning tool, which will lay the groundwork for a Maine West region conservation plan and guide ongoing community conservation efforts.