Maine Marketing
The Center is helping the region’s tourism businesses reach customers through improved digital marketing, which is an essential resource for travelers researching their options or making spur-of-the-moment decisions.
In Maine, DD + Co. is consulting one-on-one with businesses to make sure they’re listed on leading travel sites and have a solid social media marketing strategy as well as a website that will show up well in customer searches. With travel curtailed for now due to the Covid-19 coronavirus, it will be critically important for tourism-dependent businesses to perform well in digital searches once business can resume.
This round of consultations is being offered to 20 businesses in the Bethel, Maine region as a follow-up to the Community Destination Academy program that began in the fall, provided in partnership by the Maine Office of Tourism and the Center. Participation is limited to 20 business on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration is available online.
“I just finished up a marketing session and wanted to thank you for this fantastic opportunity,” said Sarah Weafer of Mahoosuc Pathways. “I have a great to-do list, and am looking forward to the follow up meeting so Danielle can check on progress.”
The digital marketing assistance program and Community Destination Academy are part of the Center’s program to help communities strengthen the amenities, quality services and attractions that make them attractive places to live in or visit.
Consulting with businesses over the internet, Danielle Dorrie of DD + Co., is helping each business create or update listings on travel sites such as Trip Advisor, Google Business, and Maine Office of Tourism. She’s reviewing the company’s social media marketing strategy and evaluating their website to make sure it has content to attract visitors and is optimized to perform well on popular search engines. She’s also making sure each business has website analytics set up to inform them about how their marketing is working.
Danielle also provides each participating business with a written report with specific recommendations for improving their online marketing activities.
The Center provided similar support to 45 businesses in the Rangeley and Moosehead regions of Maine, and the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Kate Delutio of Experience Rangeley, who participated an initial consultation and a follow up session with DD + Co., said “I learned an incredible amount from Danielle. I've grateful for the very detailed, practical information she gave me during our meeting and for the amount of time she spent putting together the report. Thank you for providing this opportunity. As a business owner, this is by far one of the most useful and actionable assistance I've ever received.
To participate in the Bethel area digital marketing program, a business must be located in Bethel, Newry, Greenwood or Woodstock, Maine, and must secure at least 50% of its gross revenue from the visitor economy, such as lodging, food, arts and outdoor recreation. Non-profit organizations and municipalities that provide visitor services or experiences are also eligible.