Mobile HotspotsThe Center is working with partners in Lancaster, NH, and the Maine West region to ensure that students can access the internet to fully participate in the distance learning necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the Maine West region, the Center is working with local and national partners to deliver mobile hotspot-enabled tablets to students without home internet access. A total of 150 devices are being distributed to students across four rural school districts serving Oxford Hills, Bethel and Rumford-Dixfield areas.

Randy from Kamp Kamp in GreenvilleThe Center has been offering customized technical assistance for digital marketing to help tourism businesses improve their bottom lines as a follow up to the Community Destination Academy. Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, the Center and marketing consultant Danielle Dorrie of DD+Co. in Bangor have retooled the program to offer virtual coaching for upcoming sessions with participants from the Bethel Community Destination Academy. 

Danielle works with Randy from Kamp Kamp in Greenville, Maine.

Kennebec Lumber Company Innovation GrantThe Center recently awarded an innovation grant to Kennebec Lumber Company’s manufacturing facility in Solon, Maine, to support staff training for the company’s investment in a new rip saw, which narrows boards to exact dimensions for hardwood flooring.
“The Northern Forest Center’s assistance has enabled Kennebec Lumber and our entire business ecosystem to benefit from increased productivity, technology, and sustainability,” said Robert Martin, chief financial officer for Kennebec Lumber. “The Center has a complete understanding of all aspects of environmental, recreational, and business aspects of the Northeast Forest. This fact is what makes them such a valued contributor to our economy and lifestyle and so very enjoyable to conduct business with.”
In a previous project, the Center provided financial support to help expand the company’s sawmill in Grantham, NH.

Lakeshore House MaineThe Northern Forest Center recently awarded a $13,000 grant to the help the Lakeshore House restaurant, pub and hostel in Monson, Maine, improve energy efficiency, worker productivity, and customer comfort.

Located on the shores of Lake Hebron in downtown Monson, the Lakeshore House is a popular gathering place for local residents and seasonal visitors – and a source of jobs for more than a dozen people in one of Maine’s poorest counties.