The Center is supporting the region’s wood product manufacturers as they contend with the business impacts of the Covid-19 crisis. Dave Redmond, director of wood product programs for the Center, is using his experience in banking and manufacturing to provide 1:1 support to companies.

Dave Redmond crpHe’s helping companies, particularly in Vermont, to navigate the multiple government financial programs available to assist businesses, and advising them on reopening their business in compliance with state guidelines. “This industry-wide shutdown is unprecedented,” said Redmond. “The impacts are huge on individual companies, of course, but also on the entire supply chain. They’ve not only had to cease production, but they’re facing very uncertain market demand when they’re able to reopen.”

The Lancaster Rotary Club and the Northern Forest Center have teamed up to ensure that all students at White Mountains Regional High School (WMRHS) and Groveton High School can access the internet to fully participate in the distance learning necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

190606 NFC LancasterSchoolWalk 002 DSC09171 crpd smallThe Center donated $2,500 to the Lancaster Rotary Club to purchase mobile hotspots with prepaid data plans for students who lacked the internet access they needed, either because broadband internet is unavailable at their homes, or due to data limitations. “This should be enough data for them to use Google Classroom, watch assigned videos, email teachers and peers, maybe do a 10-minute hang-out for discussions,” said Rob Scott, WMRHS’s Career and Technical Education Director, who began distributing the hotspots and helping to set them up April 17.

WMRHS surveyed families by phone to see how many students would need a better digital connection to do their schoolwork and initially found 12 that needed help. As of April 28, Scott had delivered 12 data hotspots to WMRHS students, provided 10 devices to Groveton High School for students in SAU 58, and had 2 devices remaining.

Maine Marketing
The Center is helping the region’s tourism businesses reach customers through improved digital marketing, which is an essential resource for travelers researching their options or making spur-of-the-moment decisions.
In Maine, DD + Co. is consulting one-on-one with businesses to make sure they’re listed on leading travel sites and have a solid social media marketing strategy as well as a website that will show up well in customer searches. With travel curtailed for now due to the Covid-19 coronavirus, it will be critically important for tourism-dependent businesses to perform well in digital searches once business can resume.

Mobile HotspotsThe Center is working with partners in Lancaster, NH, and the Maine West region to ensure that students can access the internet to fully participate in the distance learning necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the Maine West region, the Center is working with local and national partners to deliver mobile hotspot-enabled tablets to students without home internet access. A total of 150 devices are being distributed to students across four rural school districts serving Oxford Hills, Bethel and Rumford-Dixfield areas.