Mike Maine WoodsEffective rural destination development could double the economic impact of tourism in the Maine Woods region to $5.6 billion by 2030, according to reports released by the Maine Woods Consortium.

The reports analyze key travel and tourism trends that will influence future visitation to the region and evaluate the potential economic and social impacts of alternative Rural Destination Development strategies. The reports recommend a strategy built on “high touch – high service” experiences and high potential emerging markets as the best approach to achieve this goal.

Mountain bike areas spanning 2 countries, 3 states and 7 locations have joined together as The Borderlands to promote the Northeast’s most exciting and diverse mountain biking terrain. IMG 0427They offer with eye-popping scenery and laid-back host communities that offer plenty of craft breweries, farm stands, good food and local flavor.

The seven mountain bike organizations in and around northern New Hampshire are committed to creating and promoting high-quality riding experiences for both residents and visitors.

SB 234 1
The New Hampshire legislature is considering a bill that would support continued growth in the state’s outdoor recreation industry, which currently generates $8.7 billion in annual consumer spending, secures more than $528 million in state and local tax revenue, and supports 79,000 local jobs. 

100 KatahdinThe Northern Forest Center has successfully reached its initial goal of raising $1 million in investments for its Millinocket Housing Initiative Fund and has put the money to work directly in the community. The Center created the Millinocket Housing Initiative Fund, its first social and economic impact investment fund, to create quality homes for people who want to make a future in Millinocket.