Maine Made Furniture Chairs

The Northern Forest Center will support Maine Made Furniture’s effort to develop a comprehensive brand strategy for the high-quality furniture manufacturer in Wilton, ME. Maine Made Furniture employs 10 people in advanced wood products manufacturing, and tries to source their wood within the Northern Forest where possible. The Center worked with Maine Made Furniture to layout their plant for efficiency and reduce waste on a previous project. The company has focused on the foundation of lean operations, and is now ready to focus their energy on effective marketing to boost sales. Maine Made Furniture will leverage the Center’s $15,000 contribution towards the total cost of the project. Read more on our Wood Products Innovation program.

The Center's 2016 Annual Report is online!

FY16 cover Page 01Read about how we work with supporters and partners to create Community Forests, advance modern wood heat, bring innovation to the traditional wood products manufacturing industry, and build better jobs in tourism across the four-state region.

In addition to stories and data about our program impact, the report also includes a map showing where our programs touch down across the Northern Forest.
Download the 2016 Annual Report!

This winter the Center hired Tim Volk, a marketing professional with years of experience working on energy issues, to draft a marketing plan for speeding up adoption of what we call “modern wood heat.” Those quotation marks are part of the problem. The manufacturers, state agencies, nonprofits, and others who are encouraging people to switch to wood pellet boilers and other high-efficiency wood heating systems each have their own favored names for what we’re advocating: “modern wood heat,” “advanced wood heat,” and “whole-home wood heating systems,” to name just a few. How can you market something effectively if you don’t even agree on what to call it?

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If you’ve never considered the option of using modern wood heat, you should check out the video testimonials from participants in our Model Neighborhood projects. You can hear straight from the users why they switched, and why they feel good about how they’re staying warm.