Errol, NH — 7,108 acres completed

Errol, a small town in northern New Hampshire, has demonstrated that there are real economic and community benefits from keeping forests as forests. The town’s vision of owning and managing its own forestland resulted in the best of both worlds: a conservation project that boosts the local economy and supports quality jobs based on a healthy working forest.

In response to rapid changes in ownership of forestland, Errol residents established a Community Forest in 2005 to maintain the rural character of their town and its scenic gateway, and to drive economic activity in the local forestry and recreation economies. The Center helped them achieve their dream with financing from the New Markets Tax Credit program.

In its first seven years, the 7,108-acre 13 Mile Woods Community Forest generated $3.7 million in total timber sales, injecting money into local forest-based businesses and the economy. The forest is a long-term asset and a highly successful investment strategy for the community.

Today, the Community Forest generates revenue from sustainable forest management, provides recreational opportunities with trails and river access; ensures permanent access to the forest and the river for professional guides and tour businesses; and guarantees permanent public access for birding, hunting, fishing, swimming and boating.


"13 Mile Woods has helped to keep Errol beautiful. Our only economic drivers up here are our forest products and recreation. It’s very important to have land conservation—people want to see moose, osprey, eagles; they want to fish and hike. And when they come up here, the town benefits."

—Bill Freedman, Errol resident, former selectman, hotel owner, fly fisherman

Read about the many benefits 13 Mile Woods Community Forest has generated.

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